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Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains
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Author:  GarryG [ Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:08 am ]
Post subject:  Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

************ MY PROJECTS ************

Page edited 25th March 2016.

Links to other Projects:
AuzInd (Industrial Set) - viewtopic.php?f=26&t=74471&start=20
Auz Objects - Lineside and Roadside Object sets - viewtopic.php?f=26&t=74510

Apology to those waiting for more trains to be added but at moment I busy with the Object projects.

The AuzTrains is working but still not complete. Has a long way to go as still lots of trains to add and graphics with some still need fixing.

--- NSWTrains ---


Updated: 14th February 2016

File comment: as of 14 February 2016
NSWTrains.rar [411.68 KiB]
Downloaded 345 times

This set features Trains that operated in the State of New South Wales, Australia from 1855 to early 2000s. Also includes those that ventured into this State from other States.

All trains from this set can also be found in AuzTrains.

--- AuzTrains ---


Updated: 14th February 2016

This is a train set that will eventually include trains from all States of Australia.

I have received some sprites (Graphics of trains) but need more trains from Queensland, Victoria, South Oz, West Oz, Tassie, Queensland National, so get cracking and do your bit.

AuzTrains is still in stages of production. Trains from other States will be painted the colour of that State, but for now some are in CC colours.
File comment: As of 14 February 2016
AuzTrains.rar [491.31 KiB]
Downloaded 274 times

--- Auz_Lineside_Objects ---


Updated: 16th February 2016

A new project has been included in these pages .. Called Auz Lineside Objects. Information starts from Page 3.

Been transferred to this site: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=74510

--- AuzInd ---


This is a Industry set highly based on FIRS and SPI.

Last release is available on Banana's Austailian Industry V3

I'm working on a update to this project and details available by following this link.




The first that should be Thanked and Credit to all I done is:

McZapkie as he started teaching me way back in the early part of 2015 with Scenario making and involved me with some of his projects especially 'Wired'.
3iff - he taught me NML and allowed me to use his SPI sources to practice with (which is based on FIRS).
Nekomaster, Kamnet, PikkaBird, Transportman and some others tried to get me started back in May 2015, but took me months to learn how to do sprites.

Much thanks goes to the makers of 2cc Trains In NML, because if it wasn't for their help my project would never have got started.

Special thanks goes to:
Transportman for allowing me to use his codes from 2cc Trains In NML.
Voyager One for allowing me to use his sprites from 2cc Trains In NML .. some you will find as is, some been recoloured, and the rest been made using a template I made from his sprites.
Coalroads_Artists, DanMacK and BobDendry for use of their sprites, (makers of "Australian Standard Gauge v0.1.1") most I have left as they made them.
NekoMaster - maker of the "Generic Australian Set (GARS) for use of his sprites. (At the moment they are in company colour scheme .. will be recoloured eventually)

Thanks also go to the following who have assisted in me one form or another:
Emporer Jack, AndytheNorth, 3iff, Eddi, Kamnet, McZapkie, Planetmaker, PikkaBird.

Like to thank in advance the following (I sent messages to get permission to use some of their sprites but to date have not heard from them, some of them have not been active in the forums for years). ttdx_artist, mdhowe, Raichase, m0b1u5-0n3, Purno, Dan, Doorslammer (he has answered me and gave permission. thank you kindly), dev | ant, Comeng 523M.

If I left any one out, my apologise .. please throw some mud at me to remind me and I will include you too.

Technically thanks goes to all those involved in these forums.

Author:  GarryG [ Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

The Update above has the following improvements.

Some of the steam locos that had a gap between engine and tender and tender and carriages fixed.
Some of the size 7 sprite coaches was place wrong .. hope fixed now.
The South Australian 900 class loco was flashing as had wrong colour.

Thanks to Eddy Arfik for providing me with a code to include in the project to FLIP certain vehicles when in depots.

Those who do not know this flip command .. hold down the CTRL Key and click the mouse on the vehicle to make it face the opposite direction.

The following can be "FLIPPED".

All Diesel Locomotives
C30 Steam Tank Engine
XPT Power Car
CPH RailBus
Most of the Coaching Stock (some of the smaller coaching stock when flipped creates a gap between them and the engine and other carriages, not sure how to stop this .. yet)
Guard Vans

Sorry no steam locos with tenders can be flipped.

If you find any bugs or suggestions please 'flip' me a message here.

I'm off to bed .. cheers

Author:  NekoMaster [ Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Good to see you have your own thread now, one that you can manage and spruce up your self, especially considering how some people make their threads with screen shots and other things to show of their work.

Author:  GarryG [ Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

As mentioned above NSWTrains is in mothballs for now, so I can concentrate more on AuzTrains.

Changes today 11/12:

Added: (Numbers in brackets are the years they became available .. if any one see a date wrong please tell me as some are only guesses)
NSW AF Sleeper (1878), MFX, MBX, MAM (1928),
NSW Parcel & Guard Vans - IHO (1920), EPT (1910), EHO (1930), KB (1932), MHO (1935)
Coaches FS, BS, and TBS changed from 1930 to 1936.
Coach TAM changed to 1929.

3 Screen shots showing different locos and carriages.

I did a few experiments with Freight Wagons .. Screenshot 3 shows some NSW 4 wheel 'CW' Cattle Wagons and some 'S' Trucks.

Latest AuzTrains is available above as of 6 pm 11 Dec. Has what listed here as well as a Electric RailBus Parcel Van (1928).

File comment: Some of the trains available
Screenshot1.png [ 78.84 KiB | Viewed 12392 times ]
File comment: More screen shots
Screenshot2.png [ 53.73 KiB | Viewed 12392 times ]
File comment: even more screen shots
Screenshot3.png [ 52.76 KiB | Viewed 12392 times ]

Author:  GarryG [ Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains


Needed volunteers to for testing my projects so I have more time to do coding and add more trains.

All files listed here are for testing, these are not official releases.

There are 2 projects:

NSWTrains .. is almost completed .. just a few issues to finish.

Issues I know of: The following still in company colours ..
C35 Class steam and the following diesels 79 class, PN G class, ANR AN Class. (These have been repaired 12/12 6.30 pm, which means they also been repaired in AuzTrains).)

File comment: NSWTrains test
NSWTrains.grf [4 MiB]
Downloaded 145 times

AuzTrains .. a long way to go before completed .. so the more who can test and play to report problems, the more time I have to do the coding.

File comment: AuzTrains test
AuzTrains.grf [4.18 MiB]
Downloaded 136 times

So please start testing and reporting.

Author:  ISA [ Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Very nice work You have done there!
I have lurked around with big interest in Your thread and now I can see some screenshots of rolling stock! Thumbs up!

Author:  GarryG [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Very nice work You have done there!

Thanks ISA compliments appreciated.

My project for now is freight wagons.

These drawing are a mixture of Coalroad Artist, Voyager One and myself.

Screenshot4.PNG [ 91.54 KiB | Viewed 12237 times ]

As you can see some freight wagons are up tight to other wagons. Need to loosen the chains.

Top row has bogie wagons from Gen 4 consisting of stock, louvered vans, tankers, open wagons, 2 types of wheat, and guards van with pass accommodation.

Bottom road 4 wheel wagons from Gen 1 .. stock, flat wagons, louvered vans, open wagons, coal, tankers, and guard van with pass accommodation.

Its a slow process, so could be several days or longer before all finished.

Author:  NekoMaster [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

not really a bug, but would it be possible to lower the running costs and purhcase costs, I can run a railroad with this but its rather hard. Normally I'm making a profitable railroad in 10 years with NARS or UKRS, but with AUZtrains (or AUZT) I only start profiting about 30-40 years later with trains alone.

Then again, maybe I'm just not doing things right, but I at least try to make sure that 2 trains service a producing station like a coal mine to up its production with good service, but its rather costly to run a passenger train or goods train when things are very shoddy, even between cities. I'm making more money between cities with trams then XPT or Hunter RDC

EDIT : Also, maybe much later on when you get better with coding, maybe we can have Standard Gauge, Broad Guage, and narrow gauge rail types, to simulate the gauges of Australia.

Also will my tilt train sprites (Rockhampton and Carins tilt train) ever be used? It would be nice to have some high speed QR stuff. Especially if later on we do get rail types.

Author:  GarryG [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

running costs and purhcase costs

These something that Transportman put in his 2cc set. I can change them to be cheaper, just need to experiment first see what his formula is.

When I finish these freight wagons I have a look and see what I can do.

Can also go into the Set Parameters and change things there too, as I didn't change this except for the different countries.

Also will my tilt train sprites (Rockhampton and Cairns tilt train) ever be used?

Yep, they will be used. Just haven't got around to it yet.

Also, maybe much later on when you get better with coding, maybe we can have Standard Gauge, Broad Guage, and narrow gauge rail types

We will look at that later as still got a lot to learn. When I ready I sure some fellas in these forums will point me in the right direction. But would be great having the different gauge and restrict some trains to their own State.

When I get these Freight Wagons done .. that will finish NSWTrains set for now.

Question is what State to concentrate on next? Push to finish one State at a time, but sneak in a some from other States when someone send me any sprites from that State.

Author:  NekoMaster [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Good to know my tilt train sprites will be used eventually

Also, Garry, I hope you arent too annoyed that i keep making suggestions and what not, most people get annoying or ignor me, both here and in real life. I'm glad so far that someone for once has been listening.

I hope the set continues to grow, as well as you Garry, so far is seems as if you just popped up and begun to become a sensation. I hope that more people can help with this set in the future so you can keep developing this set. Maybe some day some one will replace my sprites to make this set better.

EDIT : I would do more sprites these days but what really bothers me is diagonal sprites, its so hard for me to do, it sometimes takes an entire day for me to do one diagonal. The up, down, left and right sprites are easy, I can do that in a hour or 2, but diagonals are what prevents me from spriting

Author:  GarryG [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

I hope you arent too annoyed

I don't mind suggestions. Some are good and some not, but any idea no matter if sound silly, still worth a mention. When I first started to learn NML, 3IFF helped me a lot when he was making his SPI Industries. we both exchanged ideas to help each other.

I could never made these programs with our the help from the fellas on these forums.

The set will grow as long as my health allows me too. Next year in March or April I be heading to Philippines for a while, my step son there is interested in OpenTTD and wants to learn what I doing, so hope he will help and continue this for me.

Shame some of the other projects never eventuated that we read in these forums. Only if they had uploaded their source files so if they couldn't continue some one else could take over. Will be uploading my source fills before I go to bed tonight.

The up, down, left and right sprites are easy

How about you have a go doing the side and end sprites and send .. see if I can do the angle bits. Never know we might be successful in getting some on the rails.

Cheers pal

Author:  GarryG [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

NSWTrains next issue is here.

Been changing some 2cc freight wagons. Making the NSW Wagons.

Still lot to do .. but I getting there.

Those I did or started have my initials GG next to it. Those still in 2cc colours have 2cc next to them.

Whats done:

All Gen 1 - Finished Boxcars (includes livestock), flat wagons, Open Wagons (includes coal hoppers) and tankers.
Gen 2 - Finished Flat Wagons, Open Wagons and Silo Wagons. Started Boxcars and Hoppers.
Gen 3 - Done some boxcars
Gen 4 - Finished Boxcars (includes livestock), Gondolas, Hoppers and Silo Wagons
Gen 5 - Done some boxcars and Silo wagons.

File comment: NSWTrains 13/12
NSWTrains.grf [3.83 MiB]
Downloaded 99 times

Author:  GarryG [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

This is the source to both NSWTrains and AuzTrains.

They share all the files. Just need to remember to change the STR_GRF_NAME in the file for which ever program you editing.

File comment: AuzTrains and NSW Trains sauce
MyTrains.rar [10.47 MiB]
Downloaded 113 times

Author:  paulicus25 [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Just downloaded the set and had a look. so far there's promise. there's certainly a lot of vehicles so variety should not be a problem but some of the steam locos and other trains have animations that alternate between sprites - I guess you knew this though the set being in development. What I can say is so far..

- Visuals are coming along well, but need perhaps some polishing on some trains. Sometimes they look a little too undefined in places. But good work so far. Perhaps need to look into shading and detail a bit, things are currently a little bit flat/blocky in places especially where theres larger open areas on tenders etc.

- Its nice to see from an early stage you're looking at balancing. The ability to change the running/purchase costs and loading speed is nice to see.

- Most importantly before anything, please give the trains names even if they're only place holders like Train 1 Train 2 Train 3 etc. Its far more difficult to comment on vehicles, balance etc. if they have no name to identify them.

Looking forward to this set being finished!

Author:  GarryG [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Thanks for your feed back paulicus25.

Your welcome to be a tester if you wish. Report the problems you find and what locomotive or vehicles they are with the faults.

There are 36 steam locos to date, so be good to know which one you talking about so can go straight to that particular one. Save time loading each one till find the problem one.

Not sure what names to give the trains, I've only known them by their class numbers and codes. It need be something that train buffs who know them can find easy too.

Could possible do up a extra document to go with them a list of passenger trains that used these carriages.

You can make up all the Mail Trains, Brisbane Limited Express, Southern Aurora, Newcastle Flyer, Northern Tableland Express, North Coast Daylight, Central West Express, Silver City Comet, Federation Express, The Fish, Intercapital Daylight just to name a few.

Your feed back is appreciated.


Author:  paulicus25 [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

During the development stage, it doesn't really matter what you call them. if you have names planned then this is fine for later but if you're not certain before you progress further, just give them all place holder names so that bugs can be reported. at the moment they're mostly all blank in the list which makes reporting bugs rather difficult. It would be great to have a frame of reference for now, even if the names are to change later on. Even if the temporary ones are like '1' '2' '3' etc, at least we would be able to provide feedback. :)

Author:  NekoMaster [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

I find that most trains do not have any special fancy names, except for special services or something that gets such recognition from fans it gets a name. Like the EMD F40PH, the first ones are typically called Screamers because of the set up they used for producing Head-End Power (HEP). Or you have stuff like the UAC Turbo Train, or RTG Turboliner.

Another nick name that people might be familier with are the BR CLass 37's, Aka Tractors, due to the sound of their engines resembling farm tractors.

Also, I do hope your step son can pick up on this, as it would be nice to have another content creator around these forums. I feel as time goes on, things are getting slow as people get older and move on and get busy with life

Author:  GarryG [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

paulicus25 .. if you have names planned then this is fine for later

I think I lost .. not sure what names the trains should be called?

For instance a 44 class diesel is called a 44 Class (Diesel) what name should it have if what I have it not correct? Same for any others. A C38 Steam engine is called C38 Class 4-6-2 (Steam). The 4-6-2 is the wheel combination under the engine.

I think everything is there if your a train buff and know all your locos and carriages by their codes. Also displayed if they are diesel, steam, EMU etc.

Coaching Stock has if 1st class, 2nd class, parcels etc, and if the carriage belongs to a set such as HUB Set or used on Silver City Comet, Southern Aurora, this is displayed too.

The freight wagons maybe could do with a name change for some .. (thanks to Transportman, Voyager One and other associated in making the 2cc set).

When you buy a train the first one is called Train 1. With the window on Train 1 open and if click on the bottom right icon that looks like a sheet of paper, has all the information about the train here. If click on Name in top right, can rename your train to what you like. If click on 'Information' on bottom row will display what the engine type is and each carriage.

So if you see a train in operation that has a bug, just click on it to open its window and select 'information', all I need to know is the type .. might be 45 Class (Diesel) or MBX 1st class sitter.

If I barking up the wrong tree it possible we got our wires crossed and I not fully understand what you meant. :D

Author:  GarryG [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

NekoMaster .. I feel as time goes on, things are getting slow as people get older and move on and get busy with life.

I been playing this game when first come out on floppy disk and was DOS based. Not sure when OpenTTD started but I only came across it by accident a few years ago. Until then I played the Windows Version of Transport Tycoon. I see by these forums it been around since the turn of the century, most likely longer.

Kids who like SimCity and the Tycoon type games I think will love this if they knew about it.

I doing up a spreadsheet to calculate purchase and running costs. What I PM you I think is good, but could be better.

The cost calculations are based on .. Purchase is $4688 per unit/ratio and Running cost is $265 per unit/ratio.

Start at 1855 .. If set Engine No.1 at cost_factor 4 will cost $18,750 and if running_cost at 2 will be $530 to operate.

Need now to work out a formula so each few years cost to purchase a new engine that is available be more expensive to buy and to run.

If you buy a steam, diesel and electric all built say in 1960, and if all same power would they cost the same? I think since a steam engine dearer to run, would be cheaper to buy, and the electric cheaper to run, would it be dearer to buy?

Running cost should cheaper for diesel and cheaper still for electric.

What I will do today is change the costs to purchase locos and running costs and release these as soon as I can for all to test and see where they can be improved.


Author:  GarryG [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian AuzTrains and NSWTrains

Hi fellas,

I been through all the trains in AuzTrains and NSWTrains and fixed the cost_factor and running _cost_factors. Hope these are more affordable to play now.

I had some vehicles build in late 1800s dearer than vehicles in the 1950s .. so I hope I fixed them all.

Cost are based on the year/ratio.

Also change the life span of all vehicles to 25 years, before need replacing.

Here's the updates.
File comment: NSWTrains .. cost ratio fixed
NSWTrains.grf [3.83 MiB]
Downloaded 99 times

File comment: AuzTrains .. cost ratio fixed
AuzTrains.grf [4.01 MiB]
Downloaded 100 times

I hope all that is needed with NSWTrains to finish it is the wagons to finish replacing with NSW vehicles, and fixing some graphic issues.

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