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Martian Town Names
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Author:  oftcrash [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Martian Town Names

I originally posted this in the Martian Industries thread, but decided to separate it out so it would have its own bug tracking.

In the testing of Martian Industries, I had been using the Latin town names grf to give it a slightly more Martian feel, but I decided that I could put together a town grf of my own pretty quickly while waiting for a blizzard to hit. I assembled the names taken from various lists in Wikipedia, broken them down into components in a CSV, then wrote an ugly build script to assemble the NML.

I finally got it uploaded to Bananas. Give it a try for your next Mars game, or if you just want to have names like Olympus Mons and Mare Aurorae.

Source is at:

Please report any bugs or problems in this thread. Thanks!

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