Funny and Insanely Crazy Town Names

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Funny and Insanely Crazy Town Names

Post by Emperor Jake »

After inspiration from a modified CityRail network map in which all the station names were replaced with anagrams, resulting in humorous names, I decided to make this town name GRF. Have fun!

- (Almost) all of the names from the Icy Trail map
- A few miscellaneous static names
- A few real-life place names
- A random town name generator that will generate thousands of funny names similar to the anagrams so you never run out of names on large maps.

- Awesome Hamster Party
- Broken Clown
- Chicken Spork
- Derogatory Manatee
- Energy Duck
- Flying Topsoil Club
- Gherkin Place

Warning! Some names may be offensive, but I avoided the true swear words, i.e. the ones that these forums censor.
Tar contains source and GRF.
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Re: Funny and Insanely Crazy Town Names

Post by Dave »

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Funny and Insanely Crazy Town Names

Post by Supercheese »

Zeeky Boogy Doog! (and then every single disaster all triggered at once) :lol: Ah, Internet...
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