Rules and FAQ for Graphics Development forum - READ THIS FIRST

Discuss, get help with, or post new graphics for TTDPatch and OpenTTD, using the NewGRF system, here. Graphics for plain TTD also acceptable here.

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Rules and FAQ for Graphics Development forum - READ THIS FIRST

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Hi all,

Welcome to the Graphics Development forum. This forum is intended to be a convenient location to design and develop NewGRF sets. End-user talk and releases should go in the Release forum.

Rules for posting here:

1. Topics regarding graphic projects should have their title formatted in this way: target game projectname [ status ]

target game indicates the version the GRF works with:
  • [TTDP] if only TTDPatch is supported
  • [OTTD] if only OpenTTD is supported
  • [UNIV] if both TTDPatch and OpenTTD are supported
In the unlikely event anybody is designing graphics these days for plain TTD or TTO, please use [TTD] or [TTO] as the tags.

status can be "developing", "finished", etc.

If this rule is not followed you may receive a PM asking you to change this.

2. No off-topic posts or spam
This rule will be taken seriously, and will be dealt with in the usual manner - warnings followed by a temporary ban if you persist.


1. I have a new graphic, what should I do :?:
Post a topic about it and show us your work, we would love to see it.

2. The graphics are puzzling me, is there a simple way to browse them :?:
Take a look at GRFCrawler or Bananas.

3. Is there any list of tools :?:
Yes there is, you could read the Useful NewGRF tools and sites.

4. Is there any tutorial :?:
Yes, there are some in the TT-Wiki.

Have fun!
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