Ships sailing around the ~world~...

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Ships sailing around the ~world~...

Post by Axlrose »

How about an option to allow a ship to sail into and beyond the black border, or an extended water graphic aspect like I have in my game, and have the ship eventually arrive on the other side of the map?

I would think a special set of buoys would be needed, or perhaps a miniature lighthouse that are as a set with one placed on the edge of the gaming waters and the other on the opposite side with perhaps a three to five tile variance from the coordinate of the first. That is, you place one special buoy at tile 01, 15 and the other would have to be 256 (last row on the other side of the map - number might be wrong), 15 +/- 5 tiles.

Since the code seems to know when the seasons should change and drop snow onto the ground, the game can count off one week to one month of gaming time before having the ship reappear on the other side. This will avoid having ships instantly appear on the other side but a realistic approach and let time pass as it is sailing in the black sea.

Just a thought to ponder.
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Re: Ships sailing around the ~world~...

Post by wallyweb »

Axlrose wrote:... Just a thought to ponder.
An interesting feature indeed. I think Pac-Man offers something similar. Unfortunately this would probably require using TTDPatch to modify TT Deluxe's ship routing routine, something that has been determined to be overly challenging. What with the current focus on developing new features for OpenTTD, I would think one would have better luck requesting this in that forum's suggestion box. :D
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Re: Ships sailing around the ~world~...

Post by JGR »

It would probably be rather cumbersome getting them to traverse the map-edge special tiles.
Also, for consistency's sake, it would be necessary to implement the same for aircraft (at least).
Furthermore, all the distance calculations would need to be redone to stop players "cheating" by running ships across the edge from one corner to the other and gaining revenue/etc for the long distance, which would be inconvenient, and potentially impact all other vehicles.

In OpenTTD, the map edges do not have to be at sea-level, and so joining the edges together would potentially cause problems in terms of consistency.

I would not hold your breath waiting for such a feature to be implemented.
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