idee's for the game

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idee's for the game

Post by milambervon »


i think the share/stock market in the game needs a bit of improvement,
now if you buy shares/stocks you dont get any money. even when the company you have your stocks/shares from makes €1.000.000 a year

i think when i have 25% of the stoks i should get adout €250.000 but thats not jet in the game.
is it posible to make this??

have a other idee, is it possible to share railroads voor 2 company's?
The one that uses the other company's railroad has to pay for it.
(i know its not jet in the game)
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Re: idee's for the game

Post by Nextra »

Okay, you have asked 2 questions so I will answer them as such.

Firstly whilst the idea of a stock market is good for some gamers to think about, it comes under the list of impossible changes that have been created by the coders. I do believe that there is a sticky that lists them all.

Then secondly, whilst you cannot directly share the tracks, you are able (through the stock market system) acquire 75% of anothers company without buying them out directly and remove their tracks in lieu of your own. Some however consider this cheating and in relation to the patch some would ask why you are using the AI at all.
Interested in helping out where ever possible.
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