Impossible changes...

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Impossible changes...

Post by eis_os »


Because I am bored to reanswer the same question all again. Here now of list of Impossible changes.
Impossible means the changes can't be done or are to heavy to add...
  • Underground Signals, underground Stations...
  • Stations bigger than (14x14) + 1 (internal 15x15 is possible, but no gui for it exists). (removed)
  • More Depots, Stations
    (The limit is a byte, that means 255 something and most time they bytes are double used, so a full 255 can't be reached)
  • Adding more cargo than 12. (could work)
  • Make the land bigger
  • Make diagnoal track types seperated
  • Make presignal type of track seperated
  • Signals on and under bridges, currently there is no idea to make them work.
  • Signals for tunnels, the same, some ideas about it exists but no work.
  • Trams (already done)
  • Fix AI
  • Fix Multiplayer (LAN should work)
  • Screen resolutions (already done)
See Josefs todo list:
(Features can be in the todo list but can't be done or very hard like signals for tunnels...)

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