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Aegir wrote:Argh! That's not what I'm talking about, m3henry. Yes, trees have a cycle, but that isn't based on callender seasons, it's just growth, normal, and then decay. When I was speaking about seasonal changes, I was talking about being able to specify when trees go through the various stages of that cycle. Ofcourse they'll have a specific lifetime, and then they'll go through the decay stages, but during summer/spring they should look normal, autumn/winter, start to brown up a bit (Depending on if it's an evergreen or not), and if the snowline creeps up on it, get snowy sprites (Which already happens, so we won't worry about that part).
oh right, mine just randomly cycle. from green to brown to bare to green, just not sycronysed with the year. my bad :oops:
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Post by SAC »

As I already had a "Flora & Fauna" thread I figured I could continue here with yet another question - related to the subject itself;

Is it possible to allow for trees to be planted - or grow - on the the tiles closest to the water? Surely this must be something that can be adjusted if needed, or am I wrong?

If the answer is yes, just to sort of make some differences between normal tiles and waterfront tiles; would it be possible to allow for these particular tiles to have bushes only?
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Trees with seasons

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I do a search to see if anyone's made such a suggestion before,and the answer is yes,definitely!

The form my own suggestion would take would be trees of types not designated as evergreen and not at the bare-and-dead stage of their lifecycle being consistently bare in winter,light green in spring,fully green in summer,and fall-foliage-colored in autumn within their overarching small-to-large-to-dead lifecycle.There would be a user config option to set the hemisphere for the seasons,so January could be midsummer or midwinter at the player's option.
Computers are more capable than when the suggestion was first made,but I suppose there will be a complaint about syncing for multiplayer?...can the config be server-side there?
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