PBS Issues/Bugs

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PBS Issues/Bugs

Post by WWTBAM »

I have a train station directly above and parallel to a tunnel. The tiles leading into it are a PBS junction. The trains refuse to go beyond the signal and into the station and then if they trie to reverse due to waiting to long, they stop and the window opens. I have attatched the save game and CFGs. You shouldn't need any of the GRFs as I am using default industries and trains. The only GRF I am actually using is ISR.
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Re: PBS Issues/Bugs

Post by OzTrans »

The problem is with the tunnel exit at the rear of the station. The tunnel exit is considered a continuation of the station platform above (It's a patch bug). Either shorten the platform by a tile, or make the tunnel a tile longer; then your train will enter the platform.
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