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Would all users please do the following before posting a question:

1. Check the documentation!
There have been many posts recently that could have been avoided if the user in question had just read the documentation. The TTDPatch manual is available in many different formats, including HTML suitable for reading in a web browser (click here) and a very useful HTML Help file format, which doesn't require you to be online to view. This includes a handy table of contents, index and search feature - click here for more information!

2. Read through older posts, and do a search!
Please read through older posts in the forums for likely topics. If you are having a problem with, for example, TTD on Windows XP, look for topics with "TTD" and "Windows XP" in the title. If you can't find anything, do a search - there are many options that can help narrow down your results so you don't get irrelevant results. The TTDPatch mailing list archives may also contain answers to your questions.

If you cannot find the answer from any of the above
If you can't find the answer to your question by doing any of the above, then post a new topic. Please be clear, and give details on the version of the game you are using (eg, DOS or Windows), the version of TTDPatch you are using, if any, and any other tools you have used (eg, TTDAlter). Also post the operating system you are using. A saved game and/or TTDPATCH.CFG file can often be of great assistance, so post these too.

Thank you,
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