Problems starting TTDPatch, check antivirus and firewall

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Problems starting TTDPatch, check antivirus and firewall

Post by eis_os »


There are some reports that Kerio Personal Firewall will prevent starting TTDPatch sucessfull. Check the Settings of it.

Aswell a Virus Scanner scanning in background can prevent successfull running of TTDPatch.

So if you have start problems and directly crashes there can be certain reasons:
a new grf file makes problems (that can mean the GRF or TTDPatch has a bug)
a firewall
a background virus scanner

After temporary disableing newgrfs doesn't solve the problem try to check your firewall software and virus scanner.

If you found a problem with a Virus Scanner or Firewall please post here the exact name + version of it and a how you can overcome it if you found a way...
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Post by Darkvater »

KPF has a feature where it also protects your applications from launching other applications. Normally when this happens it will ask you if you allow this or not. On my machine KPF also asked this for TTDPatch and I allowed it and is working just fine.

If you don't want this feature of KPF you can also turn this off. I will look at home what it is exactly called.
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Post by DaleStan »

Darkvater, it's the "System security module"; there's a nice little checkbox at the top of the "System Security" tab for turning this on and off.

Oskar, correction: This problem can appear in almost all versions of Windows. I'm doubtful it could be produced on Win 1.0 or Win 3.x, but I know I could duplicate it in Win98, and my machine (where I DID duplicate it) is still running XPSP1.

And I'll post this from SHADOW:
SHADOW-XIII wrote:Kerio Personal Firewall has the ability to:
- ask user if he allows program to start (a popup with orange bar will appear)
- ask user if he allows program to run other program (a popup with brown bar will appear)
KPF ask every time the programs starts/runs_other, however there is a tick to mark it to remember the action the user selected ( Allowed / Denied ) in that case a user have to enter settings [double-click on the KPF tray icon--DaleStan], go to System tab and find proper program and change the setting (either to 'allow' or 'ask')
KPF also checks for changes to the executable; there's a permit/ask/deny setting for this too. This also needs to be set to ask or permit, for both TTDPatch[w].exe and TTDLOAD[W].OVL.
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