Simutrans 99.02 Bugs/Problems.

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Simutrans 99.02 Bugs/Problems.

Post by eis_os »

As prissi want my bug list public here is my current list:

Simutrans 99.02 Win32 128-pak test set

  • Z Sorting seems to be broken with the special slope/foundation parts you can build,if you dig a hole with them, you see half a wall. Smaller gaps between highspeed rails.
  • Not possible to build raised monorail/maglev- Depots right on these slope parts. Removeing Depots them seems to be broken, the depot on top should be first removed and then the foundation.
  • monorail/maglev raised, train can't find depot? Maybe my own problem with the construction.
  • The remove rail feature seems to be have odd, most times removeing parts fails, sometimes it works. Normal demolish works without problem
  • The test pak? lacks the ability to connect raised and normal leveled monorail/maglev. Atleast there is no button for it as in old versions of the build tools.
  • The gui lacks a good focus management. If you have a order window open, if you do something with other tools, the add button should change to unpressed state.
  • The generally lack of mouse cursor feedback (in the win version), the cursor should change with the tools, specially because the focus mangement is "borked"
Feature requests:
  • Replacing a order in a line (usefull if you want to move a station)
  • A reverse unstuck train/vehicle button.
  • A way to decline the go to depot order if there is no unstuck button
  • Changeing the order of the orders in a line.
  • Overbuilding to extend or make a station part better
  • Building of certain houses on foundations should be disabled,
    a house with two trucks and being completly on a foundation shouldn't be build.
  • Changeing keybindings? I want to map t to " ...
  • Adding better graphics for transparent mode ...
Anyway, thanks for some nice hours of gameplay...

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