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Simutrans 86.07

Post by prissi »

Many small annoying thing fixed. New graphics added for harbours and station buildings (see the image). Many internal structures cleaned up.

- non-square maps
- presignals now also show the block last requested (three state signals)
- citycars now try to trun if they are stuck in a traffic jam for more than three days. If this was not sucessful, they will report the traffic jam.
- roadsigns and citycars will be deleted first.
- new sorting in station info for next destination (cumulative)
- new priority boarding: first loading for the next stop. This allows running local and express lines between the same stations without blocking the local line by too many people waiting for the direct express.
- more than one cityinfo window which also remembers the setting for each city.
and many things more. Read the history below. (updated) (updated)

Pak64 (updated)

Japan Pak64

German Pak64 (alpha) basis (only passenger/mail) (updated)
Industry add-ons for german pak:

Pak128 1.2.0 extended slopes for nicer display

Japanese Users: Use this translation file form HW-Katakana input (keyboard to kana mode):

And of course greateful for Isaac for his free hosting!

Known bugs: (hard to fix)
Citycars are visible after loading even in a tunnel until the hop onto the next field
Citycars cannot go around a 180 degree road bend

Release of 86.07

13-Jul-2005 (prissi)
Internal cleaning up of some data structures => more run-time memory, preparation for other machines/64 Bit
Repaired/Changed some code to make it compatible with DevCpp
Changed the list handling code: There was a lot of uneeded memory use (class instead struct) and some overhead. Also more friendly to different compilers.
Changed the mempool code: Reuse the blocks also used for the list handling code (will be alway size of 4, 8, 12, ... bytes up)

CHANGE: removing now first deletes citycars, then roadsigns/signals, otherwise like before
FIX: key help dialog is now a magic one (only open once)
FIX: limit maximum speed even hill down to maximum_speed+20 (higher speed would likely cause a derailment in reality)
FIX: now the absolute year is saved (avoid cheats) With saving and reloading every 500 years or so this should allow unlimited long games.
CHANGE: Non-quadratic maps (my favorite is always 512x256)
CHANGE: Unmagic cityinfo (so you can open more than one) and city info does not forget its settings anymore
CHANGE: try to built a little more straighter road/tracks also for diagonals (not 100% working yet)
ADD: presignals now posess a third stage, i.e. next block free, but nextnext one still not free
FIX: Paranoia check during loading can partly repair broken savegames during loading/saving
CHANGE: vehicle values drops now 50% in 20 xears and changes monthly.
CHANGE: passengers and goods are first loaded for the nearest stations the convoi goes. This allows to built local and station skipping highspeed lines.
ADD: after three month not moving, citycars will turn around. If still stuck, they will report "To heavy traffic\nresults in traffic jam.\n" as a problem
CHANGE: citycars will wait for next free hop in a step() (saveing lots of calculation time)
CHANGE: autosave value gives now interval in month (0=off)
FIX: no more redraw errors with slopes behind buildings
CHANGE: sorting by number of passenger for the next destination (i.e. connecting to xyz)

64 Graphcis:
ADD: new station building and new harbours from timeshock/converted 128px graphics
Screenshot of the new harbour and a new presignal
Screenshot of the new harbour and a new presignal
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