Simutrans 86.03.3

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Simutrans 86.03.3

Post by prissi »

Mainly bugfixes and further internal clean up/more secure data types. Will be the last update for at least two weeks.

Pak64 (same as 86.03.1)

New German Pak64 (alpha) (only passenger/mail)
Industry add-ons for german pak

Pak128 1.2.0

Release of 86.03.3

01-Jun-2005 (prissi)
FIX: long routes also found on large maps by increasing the number of steps of the variable "max_route_steps" in (default=100000, useful maximum size^2 [16 Byte/entry])
FIX: crash when town growth requires new industry, but nothing found.
FIX: to fast disappearing of income messages.
FIX: bug during entering a schedule when open multiple windows
FIX: raise height until level 14.
FIX: wrong season when loaded.
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