Simutrans 85.04.1

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Simutrans 85.04.1

Post by prissi » 14 Feb 2005 19:28

This is the first version after Hajos retirement from Simutrans development. Compared to the last version, you may find some things, which also exists in TTD like growing industries and a message system. Other things are completely new, like power lines or garbage. Another change is a complete overhaul of the main menu, making administration much easier.

You need a new base file: Base files 64 set food industry add-on for 64 set garbage industry add-on for the 64 set

Or you an existing 128 base and this: files needed to play the 128 scenario

If you want Kanji-support: language support for 2-byte japanese

Finally, the executables: linux (needs libstc++ V5 und libsdl) windows

Error please report to me. Have fun!
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Post by Hajo » 16 Feb 2005 17:00

Go get it while it's hot :)

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Simutrans 85.04.1

Post by prissi » 24 Feb 2005 09:56

This the last version 85.04 of Simutrans. I consider this version as stable and suitable for those players, who hunger for the newest features. Apart from bug-hunting, there are thrre changes. First, the corrected passenger values are most important. They are now also shown for factories. Second are the fact, that public road will be public for all times. Third, the vehicle acceleration was slightly changed, i.e. the drag was increased four times by the contant weight penality changed from 16 to a weight dependent value. Finally, many small errors were removed, and the random crashes during map scrolling, especially with unicode (japanese) should be gone.

Please delete a file "simworld.cfg" in your main directory for all messages to appear, if you upgrade from a version before 85.03.3.

These are the files for the 64 set. The ships have now different power settings and a lot of images were cleaned up:

The food chain add-on for the 64 set:
The waste chain add-on for the 64 set:

Executables and other files: japanese language support files needed for 128 set (put into pak.128/ or use the latest pak128) linux (needs libstc++ V5 and libsdl) windows

Thank you Isaac Eiland-Hall for hosting!


Changes in detail:

FIX: cleaned up many images, removed many pixels => 200kB smaller base set
CHANGE: added heavy ore truck by MHz
CHANGE: doubled power needed for acceleration, but every car now only consumers kW equiv. to its weight
CHANGE: passenger level added to factory window
FIX: correct calculation and passenger display for all monuments
FIX: string overflow for new monuments corrected
FIX: tooltip corrected

FIX: removed uneccessary pixels from cathedral and stadium
FIX: night lights for stadium
FIX: initial displaywidth now 704 instead 702
CHANGE: added citycar pickup
FIX: ship power values reworked

FIX: clipping error for char display
FIX: large map creation fixed
CHANGE: now random map creates a map out of 9999 choices (theo. max 273025)
CHANGE: removed blanks in ticker
FIX: passenger generation from attraction and factories corrected
FIX: passenger generation again level dependent: factories ~ 20
FIX: no transformers on water
FIX: production could jump for very high timer loads (i.e. during zooming)
=> more performance
FIX: new factories are again connected to stations

CHANGE: bus AI added (player 2) including overcrowded lines
=> new message "Travellers now\nuse %s's\nbusses between\n%s \nand %s.\n"
CHANGE: mip_cobblestone now 50 km/h, cobbelstone 60
CHANGE: AI can build now much more roads
FIX: maintenance of city road reduced to 3.00, because difference is charged to player
FIX: error with way replayement in AI (same way replaced was charged)
FIX: no income generating by overbuilding roads

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Post by SHADOW-XIII » 24 Feb 2005 10:54

thanks a lot for information (me goes check it)
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