Best Forum for Games in Development?

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Best Forum for Games in Development?

Post by mmcconnell1618 »


I've been a fan of Transport Tycoon and related games for far too many years. OpenTTD is awesome and there is such a great community that is highly engaged.

I've been working on a new transport game and I'd like to start sharing some early information, screenshots, videos, etc. to get feedback from the group here. I see there are forums for some specific other games and I would like to know the best section to post info about my new project. Thoughts?

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Re: Best Forum for Games in Development?

Post by kamnet »

For right now, Off-Topic would be the best place to post.

If you're interested in using TT-Forums as the official message board for posting updates about your game, kindly send a message to Orudge, the site's owner and chief admin.
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