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simple question

Posted: 01 Sep 2008 21:21
by doberman_spb
How much money you need to develop, I can be a sponosor, if there is a development team of coder,designers, copywriter. And most importantly, I want to see a business project

Re: simple question

Posted: 02 Sep 2008 04:04
by NukeBuster
Well at the moment there isn't much of anything going on at the moment. Except for Uzurpator who is currently cleaning up the engine. If you really like to donate I think you need to try and contact Steve.(He uses the same name on the forum) He is currently the official head of the project.

Re: simple question

Posted: 02 Sep 2008 10:09
by uzurpator
Simple question - simple answer.

To finish the project in a sensible time-frame you need 2-3 coders, and an artist, some development plan etc.

The core development team will put you back ~2k euros / person / month. For 4 ppl team and 1 year of development it is something like ~250.000 euros minimum. Since that would be without any associated software, hardware, testing etc.

The development as a whole would need something between 500k and 1 mill to get finished in 24 months. That is from what we have now to finished/boxed/shipped product.

Of course this is with Polish wages, and the 2k euros/month is my minimum for me to quit my day job and start doing this stuff.