Plugins method

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Plugins method

Post by Ne0Que »

I dont know if this is possible, but i think so.

I think it is a good idea to let the game look first in (ex: my documents/Transport Empire/Plugins) and get all the content that was dumped there.

Its like Simcity 4 does. Just one file, and a simple plugin program to activate / deactivate any plugin that is in the folder. I think that the coders who have not the skill to code the game by themselves, they can code such a plugin program. It reads the plugin, and switch it on or off.

A plugin datafile needs:
  • Configurations (like on / off)
  • Screenshot (if it is graphical)
  • Dependencies (packs)

Game coders:
After checking all the dependencies (if it is needed) it will run the game. If there is an error or missing file / dependency pack or whatever, the game should return an error message with the name of the missing dependency (pack).

With this all, the content for this game will be made by a huge comunity. For example, if you like to use USA road textures, you can enable / disable that in that plugin program.
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Re: Plugins method

Post by NukeBuster »

Actually I like the way Openttd handles the NewGrf's. You would be able to load (Te Media zip's*) from inside the game, and enable/disable them from the same screen. Check the Openttd NewGrf window.

*We have chosen a .zip /.tar method to group media files together as Ogre already has full zip support. And they were to be coded with LUA. Their should be a topic about that in the forums somewhere.(Although nothing towards that has been coded yet AFAIK.) For more information look through the meeting logs from last meeting.

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