Aerodrome (working title)

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Aerodrome (working title)

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Hi everyone,
let me share my little project of working title Aerodrome with you, in case anyone is interested :)

I have long dreamt of an airport simulator. Not one like Airport CEO or SimAirport, which certainly seem to have some good aspects, but in my opinion are too micro-economic (that's a personal opinion, obviously – but I don't feel like creating queues for passengers in the terminal). And certainly not one like Airport Simulator 2019, where your job is to drive around the airport and execute tasks. And, to top the list off, absolutely for sure not a game like Airport City, where you can build five runways next to each other, each with a length of only two aircraft lengths and buildings built in the approach path.

What then is it that I have dreamt of? It is the game where your job is to build and maintain a somewhat realistically dimensioned airport. It should allow for airports of international size which see a big amount of traffic. Landings every other minute, aprons which look chaotic in a realistic way. Something for the eye, without going 3D but rather going for the isometric (or rather dimetric) perspective well-known and loved from games like Transport Tycoon, Locomotion or Rollercoaster Tycoon. An ideal balance between realism and a fun gameplay.

This first video roughly shows my current status, having started this project maybe a month ago. Mind that this is all being developed by myself only and in my spare time, so progress will certainly not be fast, also considering that I have a full time job (in aviation, btw, which explains a lot ;) ) and am fairly new to Unity, the game engine I am using.

Feel free to ask any questions, give input for ideas or to offer help, which is much appreciated. My goal is not to make big money with this, but rather to build the game that I would like to play myself. I have many ideas for the game and again, progress will be slow, but I'm investing quite some time into this at the moment.

A first big thank you goes out to strongbow for letting me use a plane from one of his Locomotion packages! :D

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