Anyone ever played Citystate?

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Anyone ever played Citystate?

Post by ProDigit »

See title.
What do you think?
Resemblances with OTTD?

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Re: Anyone ever played Citystate?

Post by rbos86 »

Citystate looks a bit in isometric raster -form.
Old approach for a building game. Old, like simcity wich once set the tone for a building game.

I like City: Skylines very much better already.
City: Skylines has a bit transport but is great to design cities with that aren't raster -shaped.

But that isn't anything like OTTD.
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Re: Anyone ever played Citystate?

Post by Redirect Left »

I find the concept interesting, but based upon their images and videos, i wouldn't pay the £11.99 Steam wants. So if it goes on sale, i might check it out further.
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Re: Anyone ever played Citystate?

Post by Greyfox »

I had a look on Steam and YouTube. Not impressed, looks a little "SimCity-ish. Graphics could be better, they look a bit "watery". There are different concepts in the game that are lacking in other games of this type which is a plus...... but I'll give it a miss.
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