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Geo Ghost
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Re: 153311

Post by Geo Ghost »

Some say it leaves signal failures in its wake. And that when it hits a deer on the track that it is being served up to passengers only 5 minutes later as the meal of the day..

Oh great. Now I've got pulled into it!
Saying that, I do tend to see the same FCC train pretty much every time I'm going to College, London or just the station in general.

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Emperor Jake
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Re: 153311

Post by Emperor Jake »

It's on top of BANANAS... with a couple of Pacers following closely behing :twisted:
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Re: 153311

Post by mrMann »

Now that truly is scary... if it was a trainset containing a Class 153, then it would be time to run for the hills! :D
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Transport Coordinator
Transport Coordinator
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Re: 153311

Post by DeletedUser6 »

Some say that for an April Fools joke it came to a party dressed as itself, others that it is a parallel universe between Matlock and Nottingham.

All we know is that I went home on it yesterday :(
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I thought not.

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Chief Executive
Chief Executive
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Re: 153311

Post by JacobD88 »

Some say it was over; nothing but the product of mass hysteria
Other's say it was quietly shoved to the back of a depot encased in a seal of rotting break-vans

All i know is, I saw it again the other day, gone midnight, at Sawley Level Crossing rattling towards Derby with all the seating lights off


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