2.5 progress: Beta 9 (October 29)

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Post by Patchman »

Hi all,

What is probably the last 2.5 beta version is now available as usual at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

After installing this, be aware that you need to install an updated graphics file, ttdpbase(w).grf, that replaces the multitude of patch graphics files we had before:

- download ttdpbase(w).zip from http://www.ttdpatch.net/newgrf.html#25
- unzip into the newgrf folder
- add "newgrf/ttdpbase(w).grf" to newgrf(w).cfg
(with "w" for the Windows version, without for DOS)
- remove all of the following from newgrf(w).cfg:
canals.grf, ccol2.grf, elrails.grf, gui.grf, nsignals.grf, oneway.grf,
tramtrk.grf, trkfound.grf (or the names ending in "w" for Windows)

In related news, Anders Isaksson has written a new simple configuration tool for TTDPatch that allows editing ttdpatch.cfg and always supports all switches no matter what version you have installed.

You can get it at http://www.ttdpatch.net/tools.html#configtool

As for the actual beta version, there have been a large number of bugfixes again. I think I've got them all now, so that this should be the last beta version. Please test this one extensively and report if I've missed a bug or other problem!

Otherwise, enjoy and look forward to the imminent 2.5 release!


All changes in 2.5 beta 8 (August 7, 2006):
  • fixed UTF-8 characters 7B..7F having zero width
  • ignore action 3 and action A if GRFID is FFFFFFFF and given ID/sprite already has a definition/replacement
  • fixed broken vehicle windows or crashes when buying vehicles
  • allow specifying debug switches multiple times to increase value
  • change switches.xml to have category tree
  • implement grf debugger sign cheat
  • by Lakie:
    • make Landinfo cheat available outside of debug compiles
    • fixed a crash in cht:landinfo which happens if a Landscape isn't enabled
  • fixed trains trying to leave a PBS depot reserving the depot tile even if they can't find a path
  • fixed GRM conflict not actually deactivating conflicting file
  • show conflicting resource for vehicle GRM
  • move town growth switches to their own category
  • fixed ship and aircraft lists not changing the number of displayed items when changing window size in DOS
  • in German DOS TTD, <tab> is now used by default to toggle the bulldozer
  • show patch version in GRF Status debug file
  • fixed hang when building road bridge adjacent to rail tunnel with trams on
  • make sure broken down aircraft are no slower than 80 mph to prevent them from getting stuck
  • check that ttdpbase(w).grf is loaded and is the right version
  • fix problem if followvehicle is active while loading a game
  • fix AI companies being sold off not clearing all their tiles
  • fixed problem building tram stops when newstations is off
  • fix tunnels in cooperative play with enhancetunnels on
  • fix cargo in all but first vehicle of articulated wagons having no weight
  • improve display of articulated vehicles in train info window
Josef Drexler

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Posts: 7576
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Post by Patchman »

Hi TTDPatch fans!

Despite announcing in my last email that beta 8 would be the last 2.5 beta, I've now released beta 9 at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

There were still a number of bugs to be fixed in beta 8, and I'd like to have the bugfixes tested a bit more before releasing a stable version. By now, the number of open bugs for the 2.5 version on the tracker http://wiki.ttdpatch.net/tiki-view_trac ... rackerId=1 is negligible, so unless new issues crop up in this version, there's a good chance that we'll be able to release the 2.5 stable version soon.

If you reported a bug in earlier versions and it still isn't fixed in beta 9, I urge you to create a new ticket on the bug tracker to make sure that I will fix it before the stable release.

As is appropriate for a beta version, practically all the changes are bugfixes. I won't even attempt to summarize them here, if you're interested see the complete list below.

Now please enjoy the new beta, test it extensively and do report any bugs you find, both new or old!


All changes in 2.5 beta 9 (October 29, 2006):
  • by Csaboka:
    • bug fixed: turning newindustries on reintroduced the "temperate banks on tropic" TTD bug
    • fixed crash when enabling new industries in existing game
  • fixed cargo type FE not working in action 3
  • debug switch 'r' to not run TTDLOAD(W).OVL directly
  • fixed crash when running out of memory
  • fixed crash while processing action 1/5 blocks with pseudo-sprites shorter than 8 bytes
  • fixed bug reserving several pieces on a tile when train fails to reverse
  • fix base graphics not getting loaded unless another .grf was loaded as well
  • fix pathfinding issues with irregular station if north tile not part of station
  • fix missing cargo type suffix in train info window
  • by DaleStan:
    • Fix bitswitches with all bits set off being read as if the switch was off.
    • Fix gamespeed switch being written to ttdpatch.cfg as unsigned.
    • Make Cht:Face work without a space between the : and the F.
    • Fix Cht:Face potentially returning "Cht:Face h".
    • Fix Cht:Face and Cht:Used overwriting their names with the returned value.
    • Make Cht: XXXX ? always show cost even for cheats that don't cost.
    • Make Cht: XXXX ? not set the bit in Cht: Used.
    • Use zlib to compress ttdprot?.bin.
  • correctly display non-ASCII characters in directory names
  • fix crash with directory names containing characters with no glyphs in Unicode mode
  • by Lakie:
    • fixed a bug in resizing depot windows when 32px mode was on
  • fixed bogus sprite error when calling a procedure beyond sprite 255
  • by JGR:
    • split first line of land info window as necessary
    • fix window resizing code with >127 entries
  • fixed station overbuilding to adjust the overwritten tile's numtiles
  • by stevenh:
    • miscellaneous tram fixes
    • show tram depot graphics in tram construction window
    • fixed incorrect display of tram tracks on bridge with adjacent level crossing
    • fix bug causing some newly built roads to also have tram tracks
    • change message for first vehicle arriving at station to indicate trams correctly
  • add "name" property in addition to "desc" for switches.xml categories
  • prevent loading multiple GRFs with identical GRFID (except for FFFFFFFF)
  • fix lockup when reversing train with multiple reserved pieces on a custom bridge head
  • fix consist variables/callbacks not being updated when selling wagon
  • add bridge sounds to callback 33 (via generic feature 6 callback)
  • fix "line too long" warning if it's a bit switch description (or any other comment)
  • correctly translate characters B9, BC and BD in UTF-8 mode
  • don't crash when trying to display a text ID that's out of range
  • allow action 12 to overwrite unicode characters 9E..BD
  • calculate speed for new vehicle after var 40+x cache is initialized
  • ensure map and news history windows are not larger than screen when loading game
  • fix news history sometimes having wrong number of items after loading game
  • don't abort grf initialization due to resource conflict
  • prevent trains from reserving a path out of a depot if the surrounding signals are manually set non-PBS signals
  • fix new aircraft getting wrong cargo type
  • prevent cursor keys from interfering with hotkeys in DOS
  • fix new freight aircraft having incorrect capacity, and try use callback 15 to determine capacity if enabled
  • fix draggable diagonal track building track across the entire map when moving cursor into different window or outside of map
  • fix no-fail GRM operations not working
  • remove miscmods.loaduntilgreen, it was never actually implemented
  • allow CB18 to use the cargo translation table
Josef Drexler

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