problem with getting the game to work!

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problem with getting the game to work!

Post by battlingpig »

Hi, im sure there is an area for this stuff but i cant find it.

I installed transport tycool delux and selected my config (i just picked any soundcard and ports i dont know if this is right)

i then tried to install the patch version 0.63 but when i select my TTD install folder it says 'setup cannot continue without the transport tycool delux location' but i am using this location C:\MPS\TTDLX

can anyone tell me what to do,

i decided i wanted to try the TTDpatch

i downloaded the latest nightly TTDPatch, dragged it into the install dir and tried opening it, i get this message in a black box

TTDPatch v2.6 alpha 0r2081 <windows> starting.
TTDLOADW.OVL not found, looking for original files:
GAMEGFX.EXE: no such file or directory
American.EXE: no such file or directory
Could find neither GAMEGFX.EXE nor AMERICAN.EXE.
press any key to abort.

ok so i reinstalled everything and still the same problem,

please help! thanks

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Re: problem with getting the game to work!

Post by Lakie »

Sounds like you may have the wrong version of TTD / TTDpatch, in the directory does it have "TTDX.exe" or "Tycoon.exe", if so you have the DOS version of TTD.
You can either try using the DOS version of TTDpatch or download the Windows version of TTD (look for the download link thread in General Transport Tycoon).

If you are using Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 (Beta), it is recommended that you use the Windows version of TTD (and TTDPatch).

As for the other one (OpenTTD 0.6.3), you set it to install to a directory and then tell it where it can find the Transport Tycoon installation so it can grab the needed "*.grf" and "" files.
I suggest making sure that they are indeed in the transport tycoon folder, if not try copying them from the CD to the transport tycoon folder manually.

Hope that helps,
~ Lakie
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