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Multiplayer on Internet

Posted: 15 Sep 2007 12:57
by town

When I playing on my lan-network is there any problems.
But when I tried to make a dedicated server and want to play on the Internet WITH!!!!! friends, then I get a lot of problems.

It seems to be the configuration of either my router or my firewall.

I use a Hawking router /HWRGM1A and Bullguard firewall.

I had tried to forward port 3979 but I think I do it wrong.
Someone ho can help me


Re: Multiplayer on Internet

Posted: 15 Sep 2007 13:10
by Lakie
Are you sure you've got the right section, I'm not aware of any finished dedicated server for TTDpatch yet, also as far as I know, TTDpatch does not support Internet multiplayer at the moment, I believe Oskar was working on it though.
(Could always be wrong, but I'm pretty sure its not finished yet)...

So are you sure you are referring to OpenTTD?

[Edit] TTDpatch on a LAN should work fine, although you might need to disable Oskar's wip network code. I've used it quite happily on a LAN before and most features are now net-safe.

~ Lakie