2.6 nightly/alpha discussion

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Re: 2.6 nightly/alpha discussion

Post by JGR »

The latest changes are on svn.ttdpatch.net, which is about as official as it gets.

I'd also be interested in usage figures.

Custom bridge heads and enhanced tunnels are not (yet?) supported/stable in OTTD.
Routing restrictions are missing from OTTD, one day I will get round to porting that.
Some of the other signalling features are only partially or incompletely supported in OTTD.
Then there are a bunch of misc switches like road vehicle overtaking parameters which I doubt anyone will miss much, but are not in OTTD.
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Re: 2.6 nightly/alpha discussion

Post by BobDendry »

Ah yes, routing restrictions! I remember using those back when I played TTDP. Were pretty cool for network organising/prioritising traffic. Now that I think about it I do miss it.

Did manage to find some usage stats in a poll in this forum, there weren't many people who said they still played though.
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Re: 2.6 nightly/alpha discussion

Post by michael blunck »

Lachie wrote: Did manage to find some usage stats in a poll in this forum, there weren't many people who said they still played though.
Well, the majority of players of both TTDPatch and OTTD neither visit here nor on any other TTD-related forums, so any such polls might give a false impression. Interestingly, I still get occasional requests from players still using TTDPatch 2.5 beta 9, but not the 2.6 nightlies.

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Re: 2.6 nightly/alpha discussion

Post by WWTBAM »

Lachie wrote:Is this continuation of TTDP even "officially" supported? If not that's probably why they're not going on Josef's site.

Also, to roboboy, I'm after a bit of detail as to what the project's aims are going forward, I've not really seen any detailed explanation of it. (feel free to point me in the direction if it's been mentioned and I'm just blind, stupid or overlooking it). Why development is restarting on TTDP? Do we have any sort of statistics as to how many people still play using the patch and the demographic?

Does TTDP still have any features that OTTD hasn't managed to develop?

Also, do you plan to abandon the development of the DOS patch, as it for a long time was something that was holding back the development of the windows version due to its nature?

Keen to hear your answers and thoughts on this.
The main reason the official nightly server is no longer serving up new nightlies is that the OpenTTD Devs broke it when they broke it for OpenTTD and never fixed it for TTDPatch as TTDPatch had died at that point. Most of what I have been doing is for my own personal learning of ASM. Joseph has agreed to post a 2.5 stable if and when all the 2.5 bugs are fixed. I have all the files necessary to build a stable including all the original TTD exe files for generating version information. As JGR pointed out all my and Lakie's work is in the svn repository and the plan is when we both get more time to try and fix the remaining bugs that are common to both 2.5 and 2.6 so they can be back ported to 2.5 from 2.6 and 2.5 stable can be released as a formality since most of us know that 2.6 is mostly more stable than 2.5. The issue then becomes what to do with the half finished features in 2.6 as I would like to see a final version of 2.6 posted on the TTDPatch website as an official version if no one takes on the task of finishing those features.
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Re: 2.6 nightly/alpha discussion

Post by orudge »

If TTDPatch development does "restart" to any significant degree, we can get the nightly builds fixed. :)
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