Where do I get help? HERE! - Wiki, Answers, Installing guide

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Where do I get help? HERE! - Wiki, Answers, Installing guide

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Installing Guides:

[How to?] How to install TTD and the Patch

[How to?] How to install new graphics on TTDPatch

[How to?] Installation guide by spontaneous combustion

If you have a question:

Common question are answered here: (try the categories)
TTDPatch Wiki FAQ Sample: (Windows XP / 2000 problems? Game doesn't start)

How does TTDPatch works? Why is the gameplay changed
Wiki Manual
Sample: Why my cargo doesn't get accepted or Increased Number of Vehicles or
Increase Number of Consists

But the wiki has even more informations, like how to run TTD with TTDPatch on Linux!
TTDPatch Wiki Main Page

If you have problems reaching the Wiki, try the backup:
Backup TTDPatch Wiki

If you have a problem, there is a special Category on the Forum:
TTDPatch Problems (Common questions aren't likey to be answered, so read the faq first)

You need help installing TTD and TTDPatch?
Guide to install TTD and TTDPatch

[How to?] How to install TTD and the Patch

Not found you problem?
Forum Search (Enable Search for all terms)
The TTDPatch mailing list archivesmay also contain answers to your questions.

TTDPatch is free, but that doesn't mean it's free of work.
Even if the manual is really big, take a bit time, look into switches that sounds interesting, try the faq for help. We really try to document any relevant part. We shouldn't have waste time only because you were a bit to lazy to use the great invention of search engines? :wink:

After you have created the really big network, or the small branch line, let us know!
Post into the "Pictures of your games" thread in the "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" Category...

If you have comments, problems with the TTDPatch Wiki, use this special thread: TTDPatch Wiki - Manual, FAQ and more
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