Note to the "Patch-God" aka Josef

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Note to the "Patch-God" aka Josef

Post by HighPingDrifter »

Josef: I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your efforts with TTDX Patch. It has breathed new life into my favorite game, a game which had become rather boring & predictable for me. I am REALLY enjoying the v1.9 patch and looking forward to future versions.

One thing, a small real life, Oil Refineries produce many different things, from Gasoline to chemicals, as the oil is "cracked" and refined, and the very last thing to be taken from the crude oil is "coke" (no, not the kind you drink), which is used in the steel-refining process. I was thinking maybe refineries could produce coke (among other things) which could then be sold to steel-mills.

Again, much thanks to you, and to all your alpha/beta-testers. [Genuflect][Genuflect]


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Post by Mati »

Welcome to the forums, seem that you are pretty new to this..
Well, i've got good news to ya buddy. Check this site, here you are. :arrow: The Main Page :arrow: The exact page I want to show you.
Have fun and enjoy the forums :!: :P
Regards from Argentina,
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Post by spaceman-spiff »

Well, industries can't produce new things, but the trucks will transport 'new' goods
we discussed this in another topic
there will be chemical products, cars, boxed goods,...
maybe more ???
Well, back to work, lot's of it in the near future
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