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Posted: 15 Oct 2002 15:45

HI can some1 teell me whever there is a way of mak9ing airports bigger/like u can do on railway stations?
PS is there newhere i can download new plains and other vehicles from :idea:

HELP: much apreciated

Posted: 15 Oct 2002 18:28
by spaceman-spiff
sorry mate, the only station you can make bigger is the train station (max. is 7 by 7)
ship docks, bus stations and lorry stations are one square
and airports are small or big , no way getting around this
however, you can make any station 'bigger' by adding bus-lorry-train-ship' station, i don't know if you understand this :!:

Trains, busses, lorrys and planes haven't changed 'YET'
They have changed the ships, just watch the latest patch
they are talking about busses, so i think that you just have to be patient a bit more :wink:

Dubble Deckers?

Posted: 18 Oct 2002 19:12
by MattVivaldi
Dou you mean Dubble Deckers 8O or maybe the ones that have a movable part at the back (like a snake :wink: ), just like the ones in London...

What about having different types of wagons for slow-fast-eurostar trains?
and also diferent class (ie. First, Second)?

Cheers, Regards from Argentina :!:
Matt Vivaldi

Posted: 19 Oct 2002 02:49
by spaceman-spiff
i remember having seen this on the newsgroup, someone was talking about double-deckers and maybe new types of wagons for the train
i can't find it anymore
perhaps new trains, but there was a problem with the train length, it's limited to 1 square now
we'll see what they can do
Just keep watching the sky, erh , the forums :wink:

btw: keep this site in mind: