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TTDX crashes Jan 31th 1991

Posted: 12 Oct 2002 11:05
by supa
Well, my problem is that TTDX crashes when the month changes from Jan 1991 to Feb 1991. TTDX just disappears and I'm back to the desktop with the background music still looping (it just stays on until I kill syncor.exe task from the task manager).

I've tried the rebuildovl (or whatever) switch with the cfg but as I'm writing this it didn't help a bit.

I've uploaded the save (if you have trt56.sv1, please backup it) and my cfg to . If you can get it to run past the month changing, would you please save the game and reply to this topic so I could get on with the building. Or better yet, if you can come up with a solution I'd be more than grateful.

And what makes this problem even more bizarre is that I have other saves ticking on year 2004 or something and I haven't experienced any problems with those games.

I am using TTDPatch 1.8.1 (for Windows version) and Win95 version of TTDX (obviously). My OS is Win XP Pro. I tried the new 1.9 beta1 but it didn't help.

Posted: 12 Oct 2002 20:20
by orudge
It crashes for me as well. I can't really think of anything that would make this happen. :?

Posted: 13 Oct 2002 06:56
by spaceman-spiff
i have it too :?
to bad, i think your game is lost
i changed the year to 1992, but it still crashed
perhaps you can send a copy to Josef Drexler
but i have a savegame from someone else, just the same problem there
but in the year 1985
start a new game i think :cry: :cry:

Posted: 13 Oct 2002 18:31
by supa
Okies :(

I'm just starting to play TT again. I used to play it several years ago when it came out and now as I'm trying to learn the advanced tactics it seems like an almost different game.

Hmm, if you have time to glance over the railroad system and tip me off if there are any stupid decisions in the railroad design?

Thanks for your help though. I'll send a copy to Josef.

Posted: 13 Oct 2002 18:46
by spaceman-spiff
is it an old saved game then ? because this could have problems with a newer version of the patch !

Wow, when i look at the map, it's like a painting of a french impressionist,
lots of colors
I see you put tracks everywhere to prevent computer from building his
That would bother me a lot, but this is me, i only allow one computer opponent, i let him do smaller stuff , like passenger transport between cities to make them grow or getting an industry to start producing and when it is big production, then i manage him , sell the trains, demolish the tracks and stations, then manage my own company again and build my own service

At one time i saw 4 crashed trucks of the computer, how did you do that ? i only saw one track or did you remove the train that caused this ?

Do you use automatic pre-signals ? i didn't see any

Did you know there are new ships in the beta 1.9
Since then i use them A LOT more

Your trackbuilding itself is good, every player has its own way of doing this
If you have more questions , then come back !

Lots of fun with your new game

(btw if Josef finds something, can you let us know ?)

Posted: 14 Oct 2002 12:01
by supa
Hmm, I don't remember messing with the CPU players that much. Then again, I probably have. I just hate how they operate. I have had to destroy some of their trains just to be able to do somekind of a track layout, I guess you know how well the CPU plans the track layout. It's just total zigzagging. Irritating. And some times I'm bored so I punish the CPU trucks & buses :) Some of the times I also crash CPU trains because the computer is doing too damn well. I want him to be suffering! I should probably lower the amount of CPU opponents...

I started to play the game with ttdpatch 1.81 (WIN), so it's not a problem with it's being an old savegame. I updated to 1.9 beta1 just to test if it would solve the problem. I'm just not up to starting a new game just yet, so I didn't really get a chance to try the new boats but they definitely are interesting and I plan to use them.

The 4 crashed trucks must be because of a jam at the road/track interstate. If there's a jam and if I wait long enough the trucks just go all over each other and it's fun to see how many I'm able to blow up with just a one "drivethru". Hehe.

I don't use pre-signals, yet. I tried them at the beginning, I used to service the trains and the presignals somehow messed up my mandatory depots and the trains were just stuck in there for several years until I found out what's happening. Now that I'm getting the hang of the advanced signaling I'll give them another chance.

Anyways, didn't work yesterday so I couldn't send the e-mail. I see it's working now so hopefully I can get this problem solved.