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Mac version

Posted: 12 Oct 2002 02:19
by spaceman-spiff
Is there a mac version of TT ?
just got this question on our forum
i don't think so
anyone else :?:

Posted: 12 Oct 2002 08:59
by orudge
According to the TT Semi-FAQ, there was a Mac version of TTO, but I know nothing about it. Someone e-mailed me about it a while ago, wondering about it too - if anyone does know anything about it, please post a message!

Posted: 20 Oct 2002 20:02
by squeet
Mac version works this way

OSX --> Virtual PC --> Win98SE --> the game.

Posted: 20 Oct 2002 20:08
by orudge
There was a native Mac port of TTO however, I believe.

Posted: 21 Oct 2002 04:10
by spaceman-spiff
didn't know a mac could emulate a win98 system 8)

Posted: 21 Oct 2002 06:56
by orudge
You can also emulate a Mac on Windows. However, you can usually only emulate the older 68K Macs, so a lot, if not basically all, modern software will not work.