Double, triple, even quadruple-posting, plus impatientness

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Double, triple, even quadruple-posting, plus impatientness

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There have recently been a number of double, triple or even quadruple postings. If you have a question, just post it once in the most appropriate forum. Posting it multiple times will not get you an answer any quicker, it'll just annoy people. A number of people, including myself, read through all new posts, so your message will be answered. Just be patient.

Which brings me onto my next gripe... be patient! A number of people have been rather impatient regarding the new version of TTDPatch with new trains. While we all want them, posting rude messages will NOT help you get them - it will just make Josef more angry and will probably result in the new trains being delayed even more! Just be patient!

We now return to our scheduled programme. ;)


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